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Whether you’re trying to find the most effective yet affordable PV solar panel solution for a housing estate or an apartment complex, every type of home has its own unique criteria which must be accounted for. Once our qualified contractors have examined your property and given you access to the different options available, we’ll also present our expert recommendations on the best-suited system to meet your specific requirements.

Our experienced and skilled team are specialists in PV solar panel installations in Ireland and only use the highest quality solutions from leading manufacturers when we fit systems across the country.

Home energy requirements

We always aim to install PV solar panel systems that are tailor-made to the energy requirements of a specific type of home. Using this method, we can work out what kind of system will best suit the power needs of any given property, and the technology required for a new installation.

Long term energy requirements

A system that has been designed correctly will be able to account for the future power needs of the people likely to occupy a property. Mostly, the best choice for property owners will be to select a larger PV solar panel system. This is wise, because the power requirement for homes in Ireland is set to spike in the coming years as the country continues to adapt to the increased use of electric-powered options for transport.

Roof orientation

Finally roof orientation is an important consideration. PV solar panels should be orientated on a roof that has an east-west orientation or a roof that has an orientation of somewhere between south-east and east-west to maximise their potential.

PV solar panel systems installers

If you require assistance with an in-depth analysis of your energy needs or a professional PV solar panel system installation you can depend on our expert electrical contractors. With extensive experience of fitting the best suited solar panels for building needs around Ireland, we can be relied on to deliver the ideal solution for your individual requirements

PV Solar System Contractor

For expert advice on the ideal PV solar panel system for your home or building project or to arrange an assessment and installation, contact our specialist team at McGourty Electrical Services today.

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